About Us

What is Good Boost?

Good Boost is a social enterprise that develops digital technology to deliver affordable and accessible therapeutic exercise programmes for musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions. Our rehabilitation programmes on land and in water are designed to be beneficial and fun for people with a wide range of MSK conditions including arthritis and back pain.

Our Story

Good Boost started as a community health research project in public
swimming pools in Oxford, England. Since then, we have pioneered the co-
design and development of technology for personalised exercise and
rehabilitation, on land and in water. We launched as a social enterprise in
2018 with the ambition to create more accessible and affordable options
for musculoskeletal community health services.

Our Mission

Creating solutions to maximise musculoskeletal wellbeing through co-designed technology: transforming any space into a therapeutic place.

We want everyone to love looking after their musculoskeletal wellbeing by moving more, having fun and feeling better.