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+ Will Good Boost work for my condition or problem?

Research studies have shown that aquatic exercise can be more effective than conservative methods of pain management and rehabilitation to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis (osteoarthritis), back pain and recovery from joint replacement surgery.

Therapeutic aquatic exercise has been demonstrated to improve pain and mobility for conditions such as lower back pain, hip and knee osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, post-surgery hip and knee rehabilitation, ankle injuries, shoulder injuries and a multitude of other musculoskeletal conditions.

In many research studies participants have reported that aquatic rehabilitation resulted in less pain during and after sessions, contributing to longer-term reductions in pain, improvement in mobility and strength.

+ Do I need to be an able swimmer to take part in classes?

No. Your programme is designed around you and around 10% of Good Boost participants register as non-swimmers, and around 1/3rd as low confidence swimmers. For lower confidence swimmers, your exercises will be in the shallow end

+ Do I need to be referred by my doctor or physiotherapist?

No. Good Boost is a self-management programme that requires no referral. New participants register and sign-up on the Good Boost tablet computers in leisure venues and swimming pools. Good Boost’s technology will create a personalised therapeutic aquatic exercise programmes designed around you.

Leisure centres deliver both group classes, where a certified facilitator will lead the session and the option for individual sessions.

+ What do I need to wear in the pool?

Usual swimwear is a-okay. Some participants prefer to wear a sport t-shirt or swimming top (rash vest). It’s important that you wear what makes you feel comfortable in the pool.

+ How many sessions will I need?

We recommend a six-week programme of one or two sessions per week for most conditions. Research indicates that for some musculoskeletal conditions longer programmes will be more effective at delivering longer-term benefits.

The number of sessions you will need will depends on your specific condition. Group sessions are delivered to equip you with the skills to enable you to continue your programme independently, or with friends, at times better suited to your lifestyle.

Some participants have been attending Good Boost for years and include it as part of their long-term lifestyle for health and wellbeing.

+ Will I be fit enough to take part in the session?

Yes. Individual programmes are tailored to your level of fitness. Whether you are returning to exercise, or a seasoned athlete, you exercise programme will be designed to work with your needs and preferences.

+ Will I get cold?

Possibly. It will depend on the swimming pool, as some are warmer than others.

However, participants find that once they get moving, they are more than warm enough in any of the pools we work in.

Some participants prefer to wear a sports top or rash vest as they find this beneficial to being warmer.

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