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"As I get older and i’ve got a bit of arthritis and stuff, if Good Boost can keep me away from the doors of A&E or needing arthritic care..."

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"I had a bit of shoulder problem and back problem and you put it into the laptop things, and it targets them and I’m still moving..."

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"it just gives me a boost. I know it’s only 45 minutes, but it gives me boost, and when I come out I feel on top of the world..."

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"Only things that helped was being in water and with the good boost, in water the tablets the AI… it’s geared to my problem.."

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"It used to take me half an hour to walk to the buss stop, but now I’m getting quicker and quicker, I can walk a lot longer as well."

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"Helped me with my health anxiety, it kind of makes you think, that you can approach exercises in a safe way..."

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"Well the Good Boost session helped me immeasurably. I’ve been coming since last September, I was referred by..."

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“I wasn’t aware of anything similar to Good Boost before, the tech’s really been a bit of an eye-opener...”

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